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My name is Jacqueline van Druten, I am a Registered Dietician and a qualified CIM marketer. I pride myself in being a culinary explorer, habitual learner, emotional exerciser and feline lover from Jozie. Nutrition is my passion and I wouldn’t want a day without sharing my understanding or learning more about food and dietary habits. “to eat is a necessity, but to eat healthily and heartily is an art” I’ve been very fortunate to work in various settings from helping rural communities to working in the Maldives as the Resident Dietitian to one of the top Hotel and Spa’s internationally. I’ve worked for a nutraceutical company Nestle Healthcare to a Biotech pharmaceutical Merck Serono in co-ordinating treatment care nationally for Multiple Sclerosis patients. But I love mostly working in a Clinical setting in hospital wards, as I have worked in two level 1 academic hospitals in Johannesburg as a Clinical Dietician. I enjoy seeing individuals who wish to harness nutrition and lifestyle to get them to the next level of health to achieve their goals.

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Building Blocks of Optimum Nutrition

The nutrition section wishes to empower its readers with an understanding of the essential Building Blocks of Optimum Nutrition. In this section we are focussing on optimal hydration. It’s well known that you can only survive without water for a few days, dependant on the temperature of the environment and how active you are. For […]

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Nutrition for Optimal Digestive Health

Introduction Digestive health can change over your lifetime, depending how healthy your overall habits are, your age and your genetic make-up. Understanding how to maintain you digestive health is not only empowering to know for your day to day comfort, but can reduce your overall risk for lifestyle diseases. This article discusses how the digestive […]

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Nutrition for Healthy Adult Years

In the adult years, individuals focus their time and energy on building careers, contributing to society, nurturing their offspring, realising goals and planning for their retirement. Nutrition and lifestyle should be integrated in achieving the above mentioned goals, as they can support people and help them maintain good health during retirement. Alas, finding this balance […]

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Nutrition in Teens

Teenagers, unlike children, start exploring their freedom of choice. They are not fed, they eat; they are not sent to play, they choose to go. Yet at the same time peer pressures also start manipulating their choices. They are more experimental whether it is to try alcohol, or try out the newest fad diets or […]

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