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Asthma 2

Adult-onset asthma

Adult-onset asthma is under investigated and far from completely understood Adult-onset, or late-onset, asthma is considered when asthma symptoms present for the first time during adulthood. The age at diagnosis determining the term ‘late-onset’ asthma varies from 12 to ≥65 years old. In contrast to childhood-onset asthma, less is known about the prevalence and factors […]

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The dreaded pinworm – don’t scratch that itch

Highly contagious pinworms occur most frequently in children attending nursery schools where they play together, particularly in sand pits. Teach children to wash their hands often, particularly after going to the toilet, playing outside in the garden or with a pet, and before eating. Pinworm (enterobius vermicularis) is an intestinal infection caused by tiny parasitic […]

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Pain piles up

Believe it or not everyone has piles (haemorrhoids). Piles are normal bodily structures, it is only when they swell that they cause problems. © Ryan Stuart/moodboard/Corbis Often a taboo subject that embarrassed sufferers talk about in hushed tones, most people don’t realise that almost everyone will suffer from haemorrhoids at some point in their life. […]

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World Salt Awareness Week

Don’t take World Salt Awareness Week with a pinch of salt cautions SMASA With World Salt Awareness Week happening between 16 and 20 March, there’s never been a better time to consider the amount of salt in your diet – especially given the devastating effect it can have on your health. “A high sodium diet […]

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Superficial and intermediate burns

What causes burns? Burns are the greatest cause of unnatural death among South African children under age five. Burns commonly result from the sun, scalding by hot liquids, fire, electricity or chemicals. Very young children have especially sensitive skin and even a burn from a cup of coffee can prove fatal. What are the symptoms […]

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infection feet

Athlete’s foot – treatment and prevention

Anyone’s who has suffered the burning and itching of athlete’s foot, will be hesitant to repeat the experience. Here’s how to treat and prevent it. Step 1: Keep your skin clean and dry at all times. Wash thoroughly with soap and water and dry the area carefully and completely. Drying your feet with a hairdryer […]

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Eczema and moisturisers

Virtually all attraction that occurs at a distance beyond that of touch and smell is mediated by vision and thus the skin assumes an overwhelming importance as a visual target for humans. A dry skin, looking like “Biltong” is not visually pleasing. The incidence of dryness related skin problems has been showing increasing trends, due […]

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LEG VEINS - Front Shop Assistant Nomalang Khumalo (1)

Vanquishing varicose veins

“When directing customers to the relevant products it is beneficial to recommend that, should they suffer from diabetes or be on any other medication, it is advisable to consult the pharmacist in order to select the most suitable product.” – Front shop assistant Nomalang Khumalo (Clicks Northgate). Varicose veins can simply be an unsightly nuisance […]

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Hope for infertility as sperm friendly lubricant introduced to SA

About one in six South African couples of reproductive age experience difficulty in falling pregnant, with fertility problems affecting both men and women equally. The causes of infertility include retrograde ejaculation, impotence, hormone deficiency, environmental pollutants, scarring from STDs or decreased sperm count (in males). In women, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, ovulation dysfunction or fibroids […]

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Deidre Morta - October profile 2

October profile – Learn the ropes

Name & surname: Deidre Morta Pharmacy: Clicks Eastgate Job title: Pharmacist assistant Age: 23 1. Where did you grow up? Brakpan, Johannesburg 2. Who inspires you and why? My Mom because she has such a strong character! She never shows any weakness and always looks on the bright side of every situation. 3. What do you enjoy most […]

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