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Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease - heart health - COVER

Vitamin D and Cardiovascular disease: Where do we stand?

In many large observational studies it was shown that low vitamin D levels were associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease Background facts Vitamin D (D2 and D3) is a steroid hormone and is produced in the skin from 7-dehydrocholesterol by sunlight (D2 and D3) or ingested with food from plant origin (D2) or animal […]

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Wash hands

Infection prevention: a high-priority health issue

Global Hygiene Council survey finds South African adults are worried about infectious diseases but are we actually doing enough to prevent them? A recent survey conducted by the Global Hygiene Council has revealed that over three quarters (76%) of adults are concerned about themselves or their family contracting an infectious disease. The survey of more […]

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REVIEW: Cardiovascular wellness and optimal oral health

In order to appreciate the oral/systemic connection as it relates to vascular wellness, it is important to understand health from the perspective of the arteries and the mouth. Cardiovascular Wellness and Optimal Oral Health Arterial health (or cardiovascular wellness) is a state for which atherosclerosis is absent, and, if atherosclerosis is present in the arterial […]

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Patience cover

Waiting for a miracle

When a 46-year-old school teacher in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in 2010 she thought she would not live to watch her two daughters reach adulthood. Neither she nor her family and friends had ever heard of the illness and, after browsing the internet, Patience Thusi (51) was convinced that her “life stopped”. […]

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Rhinovirus cover

Human rhinovirus infection

Costing billions annually in medical visits and missed days of work, the human rhinoviruses (HRVs) occur worldwide and are responsible for more than half of cold-like illnesses. According to Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, the rhinovirus (RV) is one of the smallest types of virus, with a diameter of around 30 nanometres. “Most other viruses such […]

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Yusuf Degam - cover

Championing blood drives

Difficulty to walk during a pilgrimage to Mecca was a sign of new problems for a young man who has lived with a kidney condition since birth.   It was Yusuf Degam’s difficulty to walk that indicated the gradual collapse of his bone marrow resulting in a decline in his blood cell and platelet count, […]

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First-line treatment for rhinitis

Global statistics show a sharp increase in the prevalence of rhinitis, a symptomatic disorder of the nose resulting from an immunoglobulin-mediated immunological reaction following exposure to allergens. According to the World Allergy Organisation (WAO), the prevalence of rhinitis in children varies between 0.8% and 14.9% in 6-7 year olds and between 1.4% and 39.7% in […]

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cold sores

CASE STUDY: Combatting cold sores

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness of topical corticosteroids in addition to antiviral therapy in the management of recurrent herpes labialis. Herpes labialis infection is a global public health problem, with 15 to 40% of the population who experience symptomatic outbreak [1]. Infection rates are high among HIV positive patients; about 95% of […]

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OTC treatments for pharyngitis and tonsillitis

Pharyngotonsillitis is an inflammatory condition of the pharyngeal wall. A variety of systemic and topical therapies are available. This brief review discusses over-the-counter medicines that may be considered for both adults and children. Pharyngotonsillitis is an inflammatory condition of the pharyngeal wall and is sometimes divided into pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Respiratory viruses are the major […]

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Probiotics and children COVER

Probiotics and children

Is the use of probiotics necessary for paediatric clinical management? The term “probiotics” actually refer to a formulated mixture of living micro-organisms, which are normally resident in our gastrointestinal tract. There is considerable public, media, and scientific interest in such products in their ability to modulate intestinal inflammation and health in general. The question which […]

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