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Saturated fats don’t cause heart disease

A study published in ‘The British Medical Journal’ has found that saturated fats like butter are not associated with an increased risk of death, heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes. A study led by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario on Canada and published in The BMJ on 11 August 2015 has found […]

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Arthur Tannous shows the children how a pharmacist counts out tablets for a customer

Frontshop’s Mandela Day Pharmacy Hour

When deciding on a Mandela Day project this year the Frontshop team decided to do something special with the children, teachers and staff at the Children of Fire home in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. We were excited when pharmacist Arthur Tannous (owner Centro Pharmacy) and his wife Charlotte (AD Tannous cc) graciously agreed to assist us […]

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Children of fire staff and teachers – BACK Adam Yavuz, Longisani Hlongwa, Mthokozisi Gwizi FRONT Gillon Bula, Mitta Lebaka, Amton Mbangeni, Jemina Masiteng

About Children of Fire the charity

About Children of Fire The Children of Fire Trust was established in 1996 after founder and current director Bronwen Jones realised there was a desperate need for an organisation that could assist young South African burn survivors. Realising that the socio-economic challenges of South Africa contribute greatly to the high incidence of burns among children, […]

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August profile – Geraldine Shetlele

“The customer is always right” Name & surname: Sello Manyathela Pharmacy: Sandton Medi-Rite Pharmacy Job title: Pharmacist Assistant Age: 29 1. Where did you grow up? Louis Trichardt. 2. Who inspires you and why? Definitely my mom. As a single parent she had to be both mom and dad to three children. She’s raised us, […]

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REVIEW: Cardiovascular wellness and optimal oral health

In order to appreciate the oral/systemic connection as it relates to vascular wellness, it is important to understand health from the perspective of the arteries and the mouth. Cardiovascular Wellness and Optimal Oral Health Arterial health (or cardiovascular wellness) is a state for which atherosclerosis is absent, and, if atherosclerosis is present in the arterial […]

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Managing URTIs in SA

There is a worldwide increase in antibiotic resistance, and studies suggest that this is contributed to by inappropriate use of antibiotics, particularly for upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). Inappropriate use of antibiotics for non-severe URTIs (upper respiratory tract infections), most of which are viral, significantly adds to the burden of antibiotic resistance. Since the introduction […]

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Know your products – Diabetes

PRODUCT: Glucerna® INGREDIENTS: Water, corn maltodextrin, milk protein concentrate, fructose, glycerol, short-chain fructooligosaccharides, soy protein isolate, high oleic safflower oil. Less than 2% of: Canola oil, soy oil, magnesium phosphate, natural and artificial flavour, potassium citrate, cellulose gel, salt, choline chloride, ascorbic acid, calcium phosphate, sodium citrate, cellulose gum, potassium phosphate, monoglycerides, soy lecithin, calcium […]

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Health budget 2

OPINION: It’s time: raise your prices

The financial market seems to be changing daily, the political sector seems uncertain, and the economy is shaky. It is time for action. Retailers will be thinking of numerous tactics that they can adopt to grow gross profit. Over the last few years we have seen a decline in sales and profit which have drained […]

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Depression 1

SAD: Facing the winter blues

We’ve all had a day or so when we’ve felt down, despondent and blue. But how can you tell when it’s more than just a bad day and is in fact SAD? Some people find that as the seasons turn colder and the days become shorter they feel despondent, irritable and tired. Customers with these […]

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Sello Manyathela - featured pic

July profile – Sello Manyathela

“Product knowledge is key” Name & surname: Sello Manyathela Pharmacy: Sandton Medi-Rite Pharmacy Jobtitle: Pharmacist Assistant Age: 24 1. Where did you grow up? In Vosloorus. 2. Who inspires you and why? My boss, Tshepo Seforo. He is a good pharmacist and an excellent teacher with endless patience. He has a wealth of pharmacology knowledge. […]

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Cansa breast

Look after your health this Women’s Day

  More and more often it seems that we hear of yet another family member, friend, or colleague battling cancer. This devastating disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million recorded cancer-related deaths in 2012. This August, the Self-Medication Manufacturer’s Association of South Africa […]

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cold sores

REVIEW: Combatting cold sores

Arain et al. BMC Infectious Diseases (2015) 15:82 – DOI 10.1186/s12879-015-0824-0 A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness of topical corticosteroids in addition to antiviral therapy in the management of recurrent herpes labialis Herpes labialis infection is a global public health problem, with 15 to 40% of the population who experience symptomatic outbreak [1]. […]

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Tendai Goronga - U Pharmacy Emalahleni (1)

June profile – Tendai Goronga

“Don’t cut corners” Name & surname: Tendai Goronga Pharmacy: U Pharmacy – Emalahleni Job title: Pharmacist Age: 29 1. Where did you grow up? In the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. Now I live in Middleburg. 2. Who inspires you and why? My mother. Against all the odds, she has achieved so much. Especially as a […]

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Metabolic syndrome 6

Why do women outlive men?

SA men should pay closer attention to their health, says expert South African women are outliving men by as much as seven years, according to Professor Jacques Snyman, Clinical Advisor, Resolution Health Medical Scheme. Why is this and what can men do to ensure they stay healthy? “According to Statistics SA, life expectancy at birth […]

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Consumers 2

Mind games: Can we use psychology to grow sales?

How often have you wondered how your customer thinks? If only you could get into the customer’s brain and understand how they thought. Can we use psychology to grow sales? That is the question. Well, it seems as if the answer is yes. Gregory Ciotti is a psychology specialist who has looked at you and […]

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ICPA cautions introduction of RADUs

It was recently announced that South Africa is set to receive its first batch of ATM-like pharmacy dispensing machines for patients on chronic medication. These remote automated dispensing units, or “RADUs”, will dispense medications (much like an ATM dispenses money) to customers who have entered their secret pin number and have scanned their bar-coded ID […]

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Patrick Holford Value Packs

Patrick Holford makes optimum nutrition easier

Combining the brand’s best sellers the Patrick Holford extensive range of optimum nutrition supplements have launched discounted Value Packs. The Value Packs which include Advanced Optimum Nutrition, Immune C, Essential Omegas, Digest Pro and Female Balance are available over the counter at leading pharmacies to the individual, in their preferred quantity. This means, for the […]

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Patience cover

Waiting for a miracle

When a 46-year-old school teacher in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in 2010 she thought she would not live to watch her two daughters reach adulthood. Neither she nor her family and friends had ever heard of the illness and, after browsing the internet, Patience Thusi (51) was convinced that her “life stopped”. […]

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Human rhinovirus infection

Costing billions annually in medical visits and missed days of work, the human rhinoviruses (HRVs) occur worldwide and are responsible for more than half of cold-like illnesses. According to Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, the rhinovirus (RV) is one of the smallest types of virus, with a diameter of around 30 nanometres. “Most other viruses such […]

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Miané Burger with paediatric cardiologist Dr Kenny Govendrageloo and Dr Andrew Thornton, a cardiologist specialising in heart rhythm disorders.

SA first: heart procedure saves two-month old

Youngest patient to undergo a successful cardiac ablation procedure   Johannesburg, Monday 22 June 2015, Suffering from a life threatening heart condition, two-month old Miané Burger, from Kriel in Mpumalanga, successfully underwent an emergency procedure at Netcare Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg recently to save her young life. It is the first time in the history […]

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