Cancer 3

World Cancer Day – be proactive

When sicknesses, diseases and other ailments start to creep under our skin we tend to curse our lives, genetics, and living conditions for this destructive change, causing a ripple effect in the way we move forward. Cancer is one such brute pandemic. Patients of this vile malignant disease suffer with a series of issues affecting […]

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Sisters, mothers, daughters, wives – it could be argued that women truly form the backbone of our society. Frontshop Pharmacy Magazine recognises their contribution and takes a look at 8 products tailor made for your female customers. MANAGING MENOPAUSE Femular® Femular® is a natural medicine clinically proven to relieve menopausal symptoms including hot flushes, night […]

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Diabetes 6

Sugar Taxes your health more than your pocket

South Africa’s staggering rate of obesity has driven the move by government to take tough action on curbing the population’s sugar intake, with a view to hopefully saving lives and reducing unnecessary expenditure of healthcare Rands on preventable diseases. The proposed sugar-tax, set to be introduced on 1 April 2017, is expected to see a […]

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Antibiotics medicine - pills

Public awareness needed to reduce unnecessary antibiotic usage

As many as 50% of antibiotic prescriptions for acute respiratory infections are not necessary and two key approaches to reducing these figures include Point-of-Contact Testing (POCT) and raising public awareness. Rapid testing methods and public education are key to reducing the levels of unnecessary antibiotic usage – which combined with the growth in antimicrobial resistance […]

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Menstruation - pain - cramps

Menstruation: The shorter, the better

The biological understanding of menstruation and associated symptoms is undergoing a new, intense scrutiny. Over the past 100 years, there has been a marked change in what is considered normal with regard to menstruation. At the beginning of the 20th century, women experienced an estimated 140-160 periods in their lifetime. Today, they experience 450-480 periods […]

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insomnia - lady

Insomnia: three natural solutions

The importance of sleep in our day to day lives can be underestimated. “If you’re struggling with sleepless nights, it’s important to understand that restful sleep is extremely important to your health,” says Dr Julian Whitaker (Founder and director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute). “In fact, scientists are discovering that without sound, restful sleep your […]

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STUDY: Treating chronic spontaneous urticaria in children

Urticaria is characterised by the rapid appearance of wheals and pruritus and/or angio-oedema, provoked by an oedema and dilatation of the post-capillary venules and lymphatic vessels. Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) is defined as the appearance of wheals on a recurrent basis, over six consecutive weeks and usually more than twice a week [1]. In the […]

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What to do if you see someone having a grand mal seizure

What are seizures? A seizure is defined as a surge in the electrical impulses of the brain, causing a number of possible symptoms depending on which area of the brain is affected. Seizures can be caused by epilepsy, but there are numerous other factors that they may be attributable to. DO: Loosen constrictive clothing around […]

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Heating a vaccine will reduce its shelf life but freezing it can render it useless

Booster vaccines vital

Adolescents and adults need booster vaccines to remain protected Immunisation against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus forms part of the routine vaccination schedule for South African infants and children.1 However, there appears to be lack of awareness among the general public that to maintain effective immunity, vaccination strategies need to be continued during and after […]

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Seizures and epilepsy: understanding the distinction

Shed some light on common misconceptions about epilepsy and the importance of accurate diagnosis of this neurological condition. “When people think of epilepsy, a person experiencing convulsive seizures may immediately spring to mind. As doctors we know, however, that seizures may be attributable to other causes and that epilepsy takes various forms – some of […]

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Vitamin B deficiency - COVER

Pins and Needles – a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency

If a customer suffers from pins and needles, especially in their hands and feet, then take note, it could be a symptom of a Vitamin B12 deficiency. A deficiency of this vitamin could have serious, long-term side effects, including irreversible nerve damage, so treatment is crucial. Often, pins and needles (a tingling and pricking sensation […]

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eye care - test 1

Performing eye examinations on children

50% of childhood blindness can be prevented by early detection and treatment. Almost 25 000 children in SA are blind mainly because of congenital cataracts, congenital glaucoma, malignant tumours (retinoblastoma), retinopathy of prematurity, inflammation, and injuries. This number does not include the thousands of children with visual impairment often caused by strabismus, amblyopia, and refractive […]

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Eczema 3

Know your products: Eczema

Eczema is a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed, with blisters that cause itching and bleeding, sometimes resulting from a reaction to irritation (eczematous dermatitis) but more typically having no obvious external cause. It is important to be familiar with the various products that are at customers’ disposal. We feature […]

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Probiotics - stomach ache - digestion 1

Probiotics 101

Although we’re only beginning to understand the microbiota concept we know that the composition of microbiota has a profound impact on human health. “It’s incredibly clear that the bacteria in our gut are not just innocent bystanders, hanging out,” says Dr Athos Bousvaros, a paediatric gastroenterologist at Harvard Medical School. “Probiotics are critically important, and […]

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stress - depression - man 2

SA stressed and depressed

South Africa is ranked as the second most stressed country globally with one in three South Africans suffering from a mental disorder in their lifetime, various studies show. A study published earlier this year by research company, Hexor, found that 24% of 1 060 SA respondents had been diagnosed with depression while a 2013 study […]

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Otitis media - hearing

Otitis media: One type does not fit all

Otitis media (OM) is any inflammation of the middle ear, without reference to etiology or pathogenesis. It is very common in children. There are several subtypes of OM, including: acute otitis media (AOM), otitis media with effusion (OME), chronic suppurative otitis media, and adhesive otitis media. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS AOM implies rapid onset of disease […]

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Online shopping 2

OPINION – Online or offline?

Do you have a choice? Retailing is moving at such a fast pace, it is a challenge for retailers to keep up with all the developments says John Stanley. I recently met a retailer who commented that he had been in retailing for 30 years and nobody could teach him anything, he knew it all. […]

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osteoarthritis knee

Osteoporosis: development of new osteogenic factor

Bone is a dynamic tissue that undergoes continual adaptation during vertebrate life to attain and preserve skeletal size, shape, and structural integrity and to regulate mineral homeostasis. Two processes, remodelling and modelling, underpin development and maintenance of the skeletal system [1]. Bone modelling is responsible for growth and mechanically induced adaptation of bone and requires […]

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Health and wellness-winter-moisturise-dry


Winter is the coldest season of the year and most of us have experienced extreme dryness in our skin, hair, and/or nails, no matter how much we take care of them. Frontshop Pharmacy Magazine takes a look at 8 products all your customers should have at home when looking to combat the effects of winter. […]

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CPD: Haematology investigation and management of anaemia

Anaemia remains a common finding in medicine and one that may lead to significant morbidity and mortality. This review briefly focuses on nutritional anaemias, their causes, investigation, and management. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE AS WELL AS OTHER CPD ARTICLES FEATURED IN MEDICAL CHRONICLE IN JULY Approximately 33% of the world’s population suffers […]

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