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Know your products – Dietary restrictions

Just because a customer is dairy, gluten, or sugar intolerant doesn’t mean there aren’t some nice treats specially engineered for them PRODUCT: Caring Candies™ Sugar-Free Frutz PRODUCT INFO: Low GI, carb-free, allergen-free, diabetes-friendly, add/adhd-friendly, fat-free INGREDIENTS: Caring Candies™ are always free from all artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, preservatives and other artificial ingredients. GRAPE: Isomalt*, water, […]

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Pollution - power station

Breathing poison – chronic pulmonary lung disease

Chronic pulmonary lung disease (COPD) is rapidly becoming the third-leading cause of mortality globally. According to world-renowned COPD specialist, author and researcher, Dr Anthony Rebuck, smoking, air pollution and occupational exposure pose a ‘triple threat to human health across the globe’. In an exclusive interview, Dr Rebuck, who recently published his new book, Breathing poison, […]

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Understanding skin: key to hair removal

Shaving, waxing, tweezing, laser, there are countless methods available to remove unwanted hair. There are even more products promising to remove hair. Before considering what kind of hair removal technique to use it is important to have a better understanding of hair itself. As not all devices remove all hair you need to know exactly […]

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Colds 11

Diabetics at greater risk of contracting flu

Research shows that people living with diabetes are at greater risk of contracting flu than non-diabetics. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) this is because diabetes sufferers are more likely to have an impaired immune system and are more susceptible to colds and flu infections. “Patients with diabetes may have abnormalities in immune function […]

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OPINION: Time to get back to nature

As a consumer a walk down many High Streets of the world has become a bit of a drudge writes John Stanley. Your walk can take you past retailers who are doing the same thing in the same way as they have done for a number of years. The result of this is that many […]

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OUTBREAK: Super gonorrhoea

‘Super gonorrhoea’ makes headlines as an outbreak in the north of England triggers a national alert. Daily Mail reports: 15 cases of a highly drug resistant gonorrhoea have been detected Outbreak was first detected in Leeds in March, has now spread While it seems a small number, experts warn of undetected cases All cases are […]

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Health and wellness - meditation - yoga

Health and Wellness: Feminine hygiene

Take a closer look at some feminine hygiene products in celebration of Women’s Month this August RESTORING CONFIDENCE Femagene® Intimate Hygiene Soap Irritation, soreness, unwelcome odours and itchiness down there can really disturb the equilibrium of your body. The causes of the irritation are not sinister at all. It could result from, but are not […]

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Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease - heart health - COVER

Vitamin D and Cardiovascular disease: Where do we stand?

In many large observational studies it was shown that low vitamin D levels were associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease Background facts Vitamin D (D2 and D3) is a steroid hormone and is produced in the skin from 7-dehydrocholesterol by sunlight (D2 and D3) or ingested with food from plant origin (D2) or animal […]

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Denise Vorster pharmacist assistant learner basic and Cassandra Labuschagne  pharmacist assistant post basic

Hillcrest Pharmacy celebrates Pharmacy Week

  Embracing National Pharmacy Week Hillcrest Pharmacy in Springs chose to focus on blood pressure and glucose. “We decided to check our customers’ blood pressure and glucose and advise them on healthy eating and the importance of drinking lots of water and of daily exercise,” said pharmacist assistant learner basic Denise Vorster. “Our way of […]

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Countdown to win

5 days left to enter!

Frontshop Pharmacy Magazine’s annual search for the Front Shop and Pharmacist Assistant of the Year is about to close. Be sure to submit all four months’ entries (May, June, July, August) no later than 20 September 2015. This year’s entrants are competing to win a car and a Basic Learner Course bursary at S Buys. […]

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Detox should be a way of life

Eating a well-balanced diet and pursuing a healthy lifestyle will eliminate the need to detox as your body will naturally cleanse itself. This is the view of top SA nutritional consultant, Vanessa Ascencao who cautions against “quick fix” detox diets. Ascencao says if the body’s detoxification organs such as the liver, gut, skin, and kidneys […]

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Menopause and vaginal atrophy - sad lady on bed - COVER

Vaginal atrophy ruins women’s sex lives

69% of women admit their sex lives are suffering due to a hidden symptom of menopause First-of-its-kind research examines the impact of vaginal discomfort on post-menopausal women and their partners. The robust research included over 8 000 respondents – men and women from nine countries whom have direct or indirect experience with the condition. The […]

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Human Papillomavirus targets men and women

Genital warts, penile cancer, anal cancer, head and neck cancer, throat, tonsil and tongue cancer. These are just some of the diseases linked with HPV, one of the most common viruses affecting boys, girls, men and women. So why are men largely ignorant of this potentially fatal virus, and why is so little being done […]

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Nurse 2

Training and staffing remain key concerns for medical professionals

More than half of South Africa’s doctors do not have confidence in the current standards of training in their profession, according to a new survey conducted by PPS among over 450 local medical professionals. When respondents were asked whether they feel current training standards of medical students is appropriate to the requirements of the South […]

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sad 2

Schizophrenia: a chronic and disabling disorder

Schizophrenia has an enormous impact on a person’s personal, emotional and occupational life. It is therefore most important to seek professional help as soon as tell-tale symptoms manifest in order to correctly diagnose, control and manage the disorder, allowing the patient to lead as normal as life as possible, says Dr Lisa Albert, a specialist […]

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baby coughs

MCC to amend the inscription of codeine and dihydrocodeine

The Medicines Control Council is considering amending the inscription of codeine and dihydrocodeine in the Schedules, due to the high abuse potential of codeine and codeine derivative products. The proposed amendments are as follows: Words in [bold and in square brackets] indicate omission from a Schedule Words underlined with a solid line indicate insertions in […]

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Diabetic child

Education: the key to a successful career in nursing

Netcare partners with Open Learning Group (OLG) to smooth process for student nursing applications. Following Netcare’s recent warning about fraudulent job and training advertisements using the Netcare name, the company has received numerous enquiries from prospective students wanting to find out how to apply to become a nursing student at one of the five Netcare […]

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Chronic Diseases – Take Control

Chronic Disease is a long-lasting condition that can be managed but may not be cured. Chronic illness affects the population worldwide. Data from the World Health Organization shows that chronic disease is also the major cause of premature death around the world even in places where infectious disease are rampant. Although chronic diseases are among […]

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Healthy feet 3

5 steps to rejuvenating those winter-weary feet

It’s all too easy to neglect our feet over winter as they go into hibernation mode under layers of socks and warm boots. The danger with this is that they might be looking a little worse for wear when we finally unveil them to the world in summer again. Neglected toenails and dry, cracked heels […]

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SMASA pays tribute to pharmacists

1-8 September: National Pharmacy Week This year the Self-Medication Manufacturers Association of South Africa (SMASA) is applauding the role of the pharmacist in promoting better health through responsible self-care – making healthy lifestyle choices – and self-medication – the use of non-prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication to treat health problems. “Self-care and responsible self-medication open […]

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