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New weapon in the arsenal against cancer

Netcare Parklands Hospital invests in new technology in the fight against cancer. With the capacity to shorten patient treatment times, accurately and precisely target treatment areas to improve the sparing of healthy tissues, the Varian’s Trilogy advanced radiation therapy system has recently been installed at Netcare Parklands Hospital in Overport, Durban. “Netcare has provided radiotherapy […]

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SMASA adds its voice to World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is on February the 4th. Its aim? To unite the world’s population in the fight against cancer and save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action. According to, 8.2 million people die as a result […]

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The da Vinci Si robotic system at Netcare Waterfall City Hospital in Midrand. More than 300 cases of prostate cancer have been treated using the technology since it was introduced to Netcare Waterfall City Hospital and Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town late in 2014. The system is also increasingly being used to treat other forms cancers of the urinary tract.

Robotic-assisted surgery successfully used to treat various urinary tract cancers

Introduction of da Vinci robotic surgical technology “a resounding success” The introduction of the da Vinci robotic programme at Netcare hospitals in late 2014 has been an outstanding success, and the urologists who have been trained on the state-of-the-art system are using it to assist in an increasing variety of ground-breaking surgeries. This is according […]

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Understanding HIV/AIDS

“South Africa currently has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world, with an estimated 6,3 million people infected”, says Allison Vienings, Executive Director of the Self-Medication Manufacturers Association of South Africa (SMASA). “HIV/AIDS continues to be one of the world’s foremost public health issues, having already claimed over 35 million lives. Sub-Saharan Africa is […]

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Pregnant women cautioned about mosquito-borne Zika virus

Consult a travel doctor before visiting Central and South America, Caribbean Pregnant women travelling to a number of countries affected by the Zika virus, which has been linked to the development of microcephaly in unborn babies, are urged to discuss the risks with a healthcare professional before travelling. This is according to Dr Pete Vincent […]

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Toddlers prescribed mind-altering stimulants

Parents Informed Consent Campaign Launched South Africa reports having one of the highest rates in the world of prescribed stimulants for children labelled with so-called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—a rate even higher than in the U.S.[i] While The New York Times recently reported the prescription of dangerous antidepressants and antipsychotics to children aged two […]

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Netcare cautions public in the light of continued job and training scams

Netcare is alerting the public to the opportunistic placement of Netcare-specific career and training opportunities on social media and other informal platforms.  According to Peter Warrener, group human resources director of Netcare, the company’s name is being misused in a series of social media job and training scams. “Certain Facebook posts falsely indicate that the […]

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Regardt Dunn, Este Burger, Bradley Williams, Charles Fitzroy, Chantelle Botha, Stuart Daniels, Tiny Van Schalkwyk, Shamieg Brown, Henk Van der Westhuizen, Magda Hanekom, and Arnold Bloch.

Durbell Pharmacies open at Panorama Healthcare Centre

  Leading Northern Suburbs pharmacy group, Durbell Pharmacies, has opened a new store at the Panorama Healthcare Centre Says Tiny van Schalkwyk, General Manager of Durbell Pharmacies: “We’re very excited about our new store opening at the Panorama Healthcare Centre, which will also house a day hospital, ancillary medical facilities, and medical suites. “We’ll be […]

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Tough year ahead may challenge a person’s ability to avoid relapses

Predictions of more political, economic and social turmoil and volatility in South Africa, coupled with a crippling drought which is bound to see food prices and consumer inflation soaring, set the scene for a particularly challenging 2016. Many South Africans, already mentally fragile because of personal or external circumstances, may therefore find it increasingly difficult […]

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Nuban - cover

Launch of Nuban ointment in SA

Pharma Dynamics has introduced Nuban Ointment – an antibiotic ointment which protects against bacterial skin infections at a fraction of the cost of the market leader. The efficacy of Mupirocin in treating skin infections such as impetigo, folliculitis, furunculosis and ecthyma caused by Staphylococcus aureus is well-known and remains by far doctors’ first choice. Staphylococcus […]

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Equine therapy piloted at Valkenberg Hospital

With similar social and responsive behaviour to humans, horses have been noted to be a hugely beneficial mechanism used in therapy sessions for individuals with a variety of emotional and mental health issues. This is according to Fiona Bromfield, Trustee at The Equinox Trust, a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) that specialises in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy […]

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Liver fast facts

The liver is a wonderfully resilient and complex organ that nurtures and protects your body day in and day out The liver is the largest internal and most metabolically complex organ in humans. The liver performs over 500 different functions including fighting off infection, neutralising toxins, manufacturing proteins and hormones, controlling blood sugar, and helping […]

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OPINION: January – not just an afterthought

As I write this article I am seeing retailers getting ready for Christmas, one of the main selling months of the year. But, once Christmas is over then what? In the northern hemisphere retailers often hunker down for January as there is a chance of bad weather and consumers staying at home. In the southern […]

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Antibiotics and drug-resistant bacteria

Increasing use of antibiotics in South Africa could lead to dangerous rise in drug-resistant bacteria. The release of the report “The State of The World’s Antibiotics, 2015” by the Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) shows that South Africa’s growing use of antibiotics could lead to increased resistance against lifesaving treatments. “The good […]

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AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals launches Discover

A global real world evidence study in diabetes that is moving the frontiers of medicine A study different to any other, Discover is truly global, seeking to uncover ‘data blind spots’ in Africa and emerging markets just as in developed countries where data is more available. As one of the 40 participating countries, South Africa […]

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Is supplementation necessary?

The Journal of the American Medical Association made a landmark recommendation in 2002, that all adults should take vitamin supplements in addition to eating a healthy balanced diet. This resulted from the research showing how marginal nutritional shortages over long periods of time contribute to the development of serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, […]

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March diabetes

World Diabetes Day 2015 focuses on healthy eating

Every year, all over the world, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) celebrates World Diabetes Day to promote the importance of taking coordinated and concerted actions to confront diabetes as acritical global health issue. This year the campaign aims to highlight healthy eating as a key factor in the fight against diabetes and a cornerstone of […]

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Tips when practically sitting down to write the exam

The morning of the exam students should make sure they set more than one alarm so as not to oversleep and then rush or panic. They can calmly go through any sections in need of one last review before proceeding with their usual routine, of getting dressed and having breakfast. Any friends who are panic […]

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How to avoid exam stress

Have a structured study schedule that doesn’t leave subjects or sections rushed at the end. Allow for breaks throughout your study schedules, short breaks where you can go and walk outside for a few minutes, and at least one longer break where you can go and have lunch or relax for an hour or so […]

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Stressing over exams

The World Health Organisation reports that South Africa has the eighth highest suicide rate in the world making it the third-greatest cause of unnatural death in SA. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) reported that suicide rates among teens aged 10–14 have nearly doubled in the last 15 years. Stress is a natural […]

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