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Know your products – Baby bum care

  PRODUCT: Johnson’s® Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Glycerin, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Glyceryl Polyacrylate Carbomer, Lauryl Glucoside, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, P-Anisic Acid, Phenoxyethenol, Sodium Benzoate. INDICATION: Johnson’s® Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes are made with Johnson’s® No More Tears formula so you can use them all over your baby’s body, even the […]

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CASE STUDY: Smoking and dry eye

This study was undertaken to determine the effects of smoking on the ocular surface and the tear film in smokers. Conducted by: Thomas J, Jacob GP, Abraham L, and Noushad B – The effect of smoking on the ocular surface and the precorneal tear film. AMJ 2012, 5, 4, 221‐226 Abstract Background Smoking, both active […]

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Rhinitis 5

Idiopathic rhinitis – the ongoing quest

In daily practice, the term ‘rhinitis’ is used for nasal dysfunction, causing symptoms such as nasal itching, sneezing, rhinorrhoea, and/or nasal blockage. Chronic rhinitis can simply be classified into allergic, infectious or non-allergic/non-infectious. Non-allergic rhinitis (NAR) can be defined as a chronic nasal inflammation that is not caused by systemic IgE-dependent mechanisms. More than two […]

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Jackie Tau (Aspen Group CSI Manager) and Stavros Nicolaou (Aspen Senior Executive Trade Development)

Aspen scoops award

Aspen Pharmacare has been awarded the PMR.Africa Diamond Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Pharmaceutical Sector, the highest award in this category. The award is based on a random national sample of over 100 respondents comprising of CEO’s, Financial and HR Directors, Senior Government Officials and Analysts for the year 2014. Listed and […]

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Know Your Products 1

Know your products: Throat

While it won’t heal the infection, warm salty water has anti-inflammatory properties and can have a soothing effect on a sore throat. PRODUCT: 3CP Oral Gargle DESCRIPTION: 3CP contains chlorinated phenols, phenol, iodinated phenols, sodium salicylate, glycerol, phosphoric acid, quinoline yellow. Alcohol free. INDICATION: 3CP is so versatile it can be used as an oral […]

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Depression 8

Youth & mental health problems

SA’s youth plagued by numerous mental health problems. Characterised by ongoing violence and crime, the South Africa environment has created an atmosphere of underlying, yet constant anxiety among children, in many instances negatively impacting their mental health and well-being, according to Tamryn Coats, counselling psychologist at Akeso Psychiatric Clinics. “Any child who watches a news […]

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June is Men’s Health Awareness Month so we’re celebrating fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands with a closer look at some products tailor made just for them. REVITALISING CARE Eucerin® Intense Anti-Age Male skin faces daily stresses and therefore needs special care. New Eucerin® Intense Anti-Age revitalising moisturiser fights first signs of ageing. The light, non-greasy, […]

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Cover photo

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Fighting fatigue

Products to combat the inevitable feelings of physical and metal fatigue setting in almost halfway through 2015. STEP AHEAD: Antistax® Tired, heavy, aching legs, and uncomfortable tension in the legs can be the natural result of a busy lifestyle, particularly in warm weather. Antistax, the leg health specialists, have developed a unique Leg Chilling Gel […]

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World blood donor day – 14 June

SANBS facts and figures The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) collects more than 800 000 units of blood a year. Voluntary, unpaid donations account for 100% of this life-giving supply. South Africa is one of only 62 countries globally that is able to meet its blood needs entirely through unpaid, voluntary donation. Donors come from […]

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Sue Wohlfarth - Cover photo

May profile – Sue Wohlfarth

“Don’t limit yourself. If you really want to achieve something then just go all out and strive to do so.” Name & surname: Sue Wohlfarth Pharmacy: The Local Choice Ferngate Pharmacy Job title: Clinic Sister Age: 50 1. Where did you grow up? In Johannesburg. I spent my childhood in Northcliff and now live in […]

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SA healthcare 6

Developments to reform healthcare in Africa

Achieving effective low-cost healthcare in Africa is only possible if a number of challenges affecting the industry are tackled. This is the view of Mike Marshall, General Manager of Healthcare Professional Networks and Contracting at Medscheme, who says that a number of developments need to take place in order to achieve the healthcare reform needed […]

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Flu 5

Stop the flu, before it stops you!

Flu vaccinations are now available from any Clicks Pharmacy or Clicks Clinic nationwide.  Flu is a viral infection, which at the very least can land you in bed with a high fever and aches and pains, or at worst, respiratory complications such as pneumonia. It should not be confused with the common cold, which is […]

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Merck 1

Healthcare with Merck in Africa and Asia

Merck, a leading company for innovative and top-quality high-tech products in healthcare, life science and performance materials, in collaboration with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and Directorate of Medical Education & Research is introducing European Accredited Clinical Diabetes management for more than 5000 medical students in 18 medical colleges of Maharashtra University as part of […]

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A mother’s health is directly linked to her baby’s development

Vital Prenatal Vitamins

A mother’s health is directly linked to her baby’s development, which is why daily intake requirements for certain nutrients will increase. Prenatal vitamins can be a helpful way of including vital nutrients in daily meals. (more…)

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Heating a vaccine will reduce its shelf life but freezing it can render it useless

Vaccine fridges legislated

Automatic temperature monitoring of vaccine fridges has now been legislated in South Africa, bringing the local industry in line with the global best practice for the storage and distribution of vaccines. (more…)

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Research on curing cold sores

Advances in curing cold sores

After initially discovering that you have to activate the latent Herpes Simplex Viruses 1 (HSV-1virus) in order to kill it, research into HSV-1 and HSV-2 by microbiologists at Duke University has continued to produce results with far reaching impact. (more…)

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Metabolic syndrome 7

Metabolic Syndrome – the new pandemic

With South Africa now ranked as the 3rd most obese nation in the world, approximately 80% of obese adults are likely to have Metabolic Syndrome. Frighteningly approximately 40% of normal weight adults may also have, or be at risk, for Metabolic Syndrome. Dr Peter Hill of Met-S Care Dr Peter Hill of Met-S Care, a […]

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Thyroid 14

Hypothyroidism vs. Hyperthyroidism

Although they both affect the same gland, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism have opposite effects on your body. HYPOTHYROIDISM Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain important hormones. “Your whole metabolism slows down — the heart rate is slower than normal, the intestinal tract becomes sluggish, and there […]

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Hypertension - WEB (2)

Hypertension in octogenarians

To reduce the risks of stroke and heart failure in patients over the age of 80, hypertension needs to be treated more aggressively Hypertension, or high blood pressure, not only increases your chance of having a stroke but your risk of developing kidney damage, heart disease, and many other serious health problems too. Hypertension, defined […]

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Consumers 3

OPINION: Pre-launch – Attract passionate, innovative consumers

Consumers are more demanding, yet they are changing their demands. On November 20, 2012 an Australian company launched the ‘retail sale that stops the nation’; a 24-hour online shopping bonanza based on the American model. The system was set up to take one million shoppers over a 24-hour period. In the first two hours they […]

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