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Establish healthy lifestyle habits young

Family life presents the ideal environment for implementing healthy lifestyle changes. Many adults today carry the burden of unhealthy habits established in childhood, and find it extremely difficult to break the pattern of too little exercise in combination with poor diet. Parents are perfectly placed to help pre-empt these problems for their children “A significant […]

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Cough-child 2

How to effectively treat acute coughs in children

Coughs are common in school age children, occurring 7 to 10 times a year. Cough in children Cough is a particularly bothersome symptom that tends to resolve slowly; half of children recover by 10 days and 90% by 25 days, suggesting that 10% of children still cough 3-4 weeks after falling ill. Although cough is […]

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Pregnancy-stretch marks5

The truth about stretch marks

Stretch marks can be a cause of concern for anyone that develops them. More than just an aesthetic problem, stretch marks, especially when severe, can dampen a person’s self-confidence.  Stretch marks, medically known as striae, are smooth, white, scar-like lesions that are caused when skin changes shape more rapidly than it is capable of and, […]

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Know your products: Pregnancy

Whether a patient is trying to conceive, is already pregnant, or has given birth, her body is in need of vital vitamins and minerals. While eating a healthy, varied diet will help to get most of the vitamins and minerals needed, there are a number of specialist multivitamin and mineral preparations designed for pregnancy, breastfeeding, […]

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Breast feeding-mother-baby-infant

Optimum nutrition when breastfeeding

As soon as they fall pregnant mom’s-to-be are advised to start taking nutritional supplements to help meet their increased nutritional needs. Dietician, Andrea du Plessis advises that nutrition during breast-feeding is vitally important, for the mother as much as for the baby. The energy, protein, and other nutrients in breast-milk come from the mother’s diet […]

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Enuresis-bed wetting-bladder-child

Understanding enuresis

Enuresis (synonymous with intermittent nocturnal incontinence) refers to discrete episodes of urinary incontinence during sleep in children ≥5 years of age. HOW COMMON IS IT? Bedwetting, or enuresis, is very common. It afflicts 5-10% of children below the age of ten years, and a few per cent of older children and teenagers as well. It […]

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Allergic diseases on the rise in SA’s children

According to the Allergy Foundation of South Africa (AFSA), allergies, or allergic diseases as they are otherwise known, are on the increase globally from lower through to upper-income countries, and some 40% of allergy sufferers are children. The Allergy Foundation of South Africa (AFSA), says that no fewer than a third of all South Africans […]

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flu vaccine-flu shot-vaccination

Why should people get vaccinated against the flu?

Influenza is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalisation and sometimes even death. Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently, but millions of people get the flu every year, hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalised and thousands or tens of thousands of people die from flu related causes […]

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Child-dentist-oral health

Oral health for tiny tots

Taking care of tiny tots’ teeth can prevent future oral problems. We all know that brushing our teeth and flossing regularly is vital to healthy teeth and gums, but what about the tiny tots in our midst? Is caring for milk teeth as important as caring for permanent teeth and at what age should we […]

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Child-dentist-oral health1

Teeth: more precious than pearls

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. So why do so many people suffer during their lifetime with dental issues? Why do people lose some or all of their teeth during their lifetime? We as health professionals have an obligation to help people become aware of how precious teeth are and how important it is […]

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