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Cervical cancer and HPV: education is vital

Cervical cancer is not something that happens to “other women only”. 18.81 million SA women over the age of 15 are at risk. The subject of cervical cancer has not received nearly as much attention as other life-threatening illnesses affecting women, says Dr Thandi Mtsi, a gynaecologist and obstetrician practising at Netcare Park Lane Hospital […]

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STUDY: SA women are obese

Shocking results from a new study by the University of Washington reveal that almost half of SA women are obese. At 42% SA women have the highest obesity rate in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a recent study. About 14% of men and almost 9% of SA children are also considered obese, the study shows. Topping […]

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Dysmenorrhoea: pharma options

To date, pharmacotherapy has been the most reliable and effective treatment for relieving dysmenorrhoea Dysmenorrhea refers to the symptom of painful menstruation. It can be divided into two broad categories: primary (occurring in the absence of pelvic pathology) and secondary (resulting from identifiable organic diseases). PHARMACOLOGIC THERAPY Treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea is directed at providing […]

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The truth about stretch marks

Stretch marks can be a cause of concern for anyone that develops them. More than just an aesthetic problem, stretch marks, especially when severe, can dampen a person’s self-confidence.  Stretch marks, medically known as striae, are smooth, white, scar-like lesions that are caused when skin changes shape more rapidly than it is capable of and, […]

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Breast feeding-mother-baby-infant

Optimum nutrition when breastfeeding

As soon as they fall pregnant mom’s-to-be are advised to start taking nutritional supplements to help meet their increased nutritional needs. Dietician, Andrea du Plessis advises that nutrition during breast-feeding is vitally important, for the mother as much as for the baby. The energy, protein, and other nutrients in breast-milk come from the mother’s diet […]

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Vaccination against cervical cancer

Why it’s important to know about it and to protect your family. Each year almost 8 000 South African women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. In South Africa, it is the most common cancer among women aged 14-44 and the leading cause of deaths from cancer among women in general. CERVICAL CANCER IS CAUSED BY […]

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Menstruation and migraine

Around 50% of women with migraine say their menstrual cycle directly affects their migraine. In women who suffer from menstrual migraine/catamenial headache, the drop in circulating oestrogen levels that occurs 2-3 days before menstruation is believed to be partially responsible for the increase in migraine risk, likely mediated by mast cell degranulation in the dura […]

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Mobile technology boosts access to abortion services

Fem is a new initiative created by safe2choose designed to give all South Africans access to immediate and locally relevant sexual health services and information, via a simple SMS platform. The mobile technology is set to boost SA access to safe and legal abortion services. The constitution vs real life South Africa is widely recognised […]

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Women eat, men choose sex when stressed

A new UK study shows that half of women surveyed turn to food to deal with stress and anxiety while over a quarter of men choose sex or porn. The study by London’s University College surveyed 115 men and 250 women and found that 27% of the males chose sex and porn to relax, compared […]

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Orthorexia nervosa-anorexia-under weight-eating disorder-COVER

Orthorexia Nervosa: too much of a good thing

Over the past year, South Africans have been inundated with news and views on healthy eating habits. Whether it’s about the evils of eating sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, or the dangers of consuming preservatives, pesticides or processed foods; the general public is overwhelmed with information on ‘healthy’ diets. “Generally speaking, an increased focus on healthy […]

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