Sugar tax in South Africa

Sugar Tax: A small price to pay to save lives

As SA moves towards the introduction of a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), the debate continues on whether paying more for these drinks could assist in reducing South Africa’s growing epidemic of non-communicable diseases, particularly obesity and diabetes. According to Prof Karen Hofman, Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Public Health, taxing […]

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How hepatitis C interacts with human host

Large genetic data study of more than 500 patients with the hepatitis C virus opens the way for understanding how the virus interacts with its human host. Viral hepatitis is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide, with 2-3% of the world’s population thought to be infected with the hepatitis C virus […]

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Medical students 2

New Pharmacy Advisory Board to drive collaborative change

A new Pharmacy Advisory Board has been constituted to bring together stakeholders across various pharmacy bodies and academia, to seek solutions to challenges facing the South African pharmacy sector. The multi-stakeholder Pharmacy Advisory Board, which held its official launch meeting in Johannesburg in February, believes that pharmacists and pharmacies have an increasingly important role to […]

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heart health cover

Hypertension risks highlighted

This World Hypertension Day, Novartis warns of unhealthy habits that raise your blood pressure. The old adage ‘take it with a pinch of salt’ is meant to be a positive one – implying that a pinch of salt is of little consequence. But for those with high blood pressure and chronic heart conditions, that pinch […]

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Aids 1

HIV mutants pose barrier in search for cure

New evidence reveals defective HIV proviruses complicate disease monitoring, and hinder immune system response and cure. Researchers at Johns Hopkins and George Washington universities report new evidence that proteins created by defective forms of HIV – long previously believed to be harmless – actually interact with our immune systems and are actively monitored by a […]

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Africa Health Exhibition & Congress

Africa Health to drive change in healthcare industry

Don’t miss out on Africa’s largest healthcare exhibition, which is a leading platform for healthcare professionals and medical experts across Africa to collaborate and share insights to addressing the continent’s specific healthcare needs. (more…)

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Africa Health Congress

Advancements in medical technology to feature at Africa Health

Scientific and technological breakthroughs are changing the way doctors treat and manage diseases. However, many developing nations across Africa still lack basic resources and infrastructure to provide quality healthcare. According to Our Africa healthcare in Africa differs widely, depending on the country and also the region – those living in urban areas are more likely […]

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Nurse 1

Excellence in care celebrated this International Nurses’ Day

Netcare salutes nurses and the ever-evolving science of nursing care.  Nursing is a profession like no other. From nursing students learning the basics of clinical nursing care to those nurses pursuing highly specialised fields of healthcare, this is a vocation that requires dedication, resilience, acute attention to detail, and a life-long passion for learning. “This […]

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CPD: Enhancement of fluoxetine by folic acid

It has now been established in many investigations that folic acid will lower plasma homocysteine. LICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE AS WELL AS OTHER CPD ARTICLES FEATURED IN MEDICAL CHRONICLE The World Health Organization ranks unipolar major depression as the fourth most important cause of premature mortality and disability (Murray and Lopez, 1997). […]

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Is supplementation necessary?

The Journal of the American Medical Association made a landmark recommendation in 2002, that all adults should take vitamin supplements in addition to eating a healthy balanced diet. This resulted from the research showing how marginal nutritional shortages over long periods of time contribute to the development of serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, […]

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Breaking down barriers to awareness and understanding psoriasis

Every day, people with psoriasis live with prejudice, exclusion, stigma and bullying. “People don’t understand psoriasis” says Sister Judy Wallace, chairperson of the South African Psoriasis Association. “Unfortunately it’s this lack of awareness and misinformation that not only results in people with psoriasis isolating themselves, but a lot of unnecessary suffering as well.” Public awareness […]

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Sleep apnoea-snoring-insomnia-tired1

Sleep apnoea

The most common type of sleep apnoea is obstructive sleep apnoea. In this condition, the airway collapses or becomes blocked during sleep. This causes shallow breathing or breathing pauses. SYMPTOMS OF SLEEP APNOEA Snoring Weight gain Headaches Clumsiness Daytime sleepiness Irritability Hypertension Heart rhythm abnormalities Impotence (men) TYPES OF SLEEP APNOEA Obstructive sleep apnoea is […]

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Know your products: Coughs

Cough is a symptom rather than a condition in itself. It’s a reflex mechanism of our body that clears the throat of mucus or foreign irritants and generally indicates a condition that should not be neglected. The most common cause of a cough is a respiratory tract infection, such as a cold or flu. Whatever […]

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Time to vaccinate

Winter is on its way and with it, come the inevitable and dreaded bouts of flu. Fortunately the 2017 flu vaccine is now available. According to the World Health Organization influenza is a virus that infects millions of people worldwide – and is responsible for between 250 000 and 500 000 deaths per year – […]

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OPINION: What’s in a story?

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” – Ira Glass MY STORY Months of training, many hours in the saddle of my bike, a sore bum and many energy drinks. This pretty much sums up the preparation for Cape Town’s most prestigious cycle race, the Cape Argus. The race day is always preceded […]

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Pain: nociceptive vs neuropathic

Pain is a sensory and emotional experience with multiple causes to which people respond in multiple and individual ways (different pain thresholds). Pain is a natural and very important function of the human body. The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or […]

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There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than just healthy eating

Statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate that non-communicable diseases linked to lifestyle choices, such as diabetes and some cancers, kill about 16 million people prematurely worldwide each year. With the month of April marking Health Awareness Month, South Africans are urged to make other lifestyle choices in addition to improving their eating habits, […]

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Avid-Brands-Summer-Competition-lucky draw

Avid Brands Summer Break-Away winners announced

The winners of Avid Brands’ annual Summer Break-Away competition have just been announced. Run from 1 October to 31 December 2016 Avid Brands’ annual Summer Break-Away competition was open to both pharmacies and consumers across the country. “The focus of the competition was to create maximum exposure and awareness of our brands in pharmacy by […]

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Health and wellness-colds and flu-sick-vaccine-influenza-sneeze-family


The best defence against the annual flu season is to get the flu shot. It is also a good idea for patients to boost their immune system. Before cold and flu season is in full swing, get ready to arm your patients with the tools to stave off or treat the flu. We look at […]

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PROFILE - April - Lourenco Janse van Rensburg

April profile – Lourenco Jansen van Rensburg

“You have to work like a slave, to live like a king” Name & surname: Lourenco Jansen van Rensburg Pharmacy: Klinimed Pharmacy Job title: Pharmacist Assistant Learner Post Basic Age: 24 1. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Port Elizabeth, In the Cotswold area. 2. Who inspires you and why? People who go for what […]

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