New Formulations, Products and look for GI Lean

Lifestyle brand GI Lean has reformulated existing products and introduced new ones to their already successful weight-loss range.

Designed to help customers reach their ideal weight through a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and not through fad dieting, GI Lean products have been scientifically reformulated with the latest know-how and technology to provide customers with even better weight-loss tools.

The new range of GI Lean products can now be used individually or in combinations depending on an individual’s specific weight-loss needs whether it is to detox, to burn fat, to speed up the metabolism, to tone muscles or to balance blood sugar levels.

The products are also now in new packaging designed to be easily recognizable on shelves. Tall and slim with a window so that the capsules can be seen, the new packaging is as innovative as the new formulations. Each product also now includes a weight-loss eating plan.

The GI Lean lifestyle is based on measuring and controlling of the intake of carbohydrate- containing foods. Consuming slow-releasing carbohydrates ensures sustained energy levels and prevents the body from storing excess glucose as fat.

Eating a low GI diet, combined with essential exercise and supplementing with GI Lean products ensures a healthy lifestyle with long term weight loss.

The GI Lean range now consists of the 10 day Weight Loss Booster, 3 Day Detox, Fat Burn Drops, Fat Burn Kit, Feel Full Night Fibre, Firm and Lean Shakes, Hunger Buster Capsules, Hunger Buster Tea, Morning Kickstart and Xylitol.

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